How to select the best event companies in Dubai

Event management companies are responsible for planning and executing small or large/private or official events such as product launches, business conferences, weddings, concerts and parties. Before an event is launched, they conceptualize the event and are responsible for all the technicalities involved such as venue, guests, entertainment, hostesses, permits, decoration, refreshments, sending out media invitations and press releases, arrange corporate gifts and prizes and other nitty gritties, keeping in mind the clients’ brand, vision, budget and target audience.

It’s common for organizations to hire event companies in Dubai for conducting local or international events as an important strategic marketing tool to promote their brand. The event management team is also responsible for publicity of the client’s brand through media coverage and social media promotions. Several event companies in Dubai cater to the requirements of their clients, which include corporate firms, government organizations, hotels and restaurants, and shopping malls among others. The process of planning and organizing each event varies and depends on the type and size of an event. 

Tips to conduct a hassle free event

There are many points to be considered while selecting an event company for your requirements. A good event company will discuss your specific needs and provide you the best value for money spent. The following tips will ensure that your event will be conducted in a smooth and professional manner without unnecessary hassles:

  1. Decide what you need: Before hiring an event company, you need to be clear about your requirements. Try to visualize the type of event that will be best suited as a platform to promote your brand or your service. If it is a social gathering you are hosting, you must have a clear idea of the concept which you want to create. This will help you shortlist event companies that will best understand your needs. Some research, a few interactions and an overview of their past work will help you further narrow down on the company that can execute the event according to your visualization. 
  1. Choose an experienced firm: Selecting the expert event company is vital as opting for a firm that is not very experienced in arranging events could lead to several unimaginable glitches. Many clients are often misled by attractive advertisements, surprisingly low prices and company websites that make the visitors believe that the firm has pulled off several successful events for big brands. But, in reality, the firm may only have associated briefly with the big brands during some minor event and may not have the capacity to handle a big event. Make sure to ask the company to furnish details from their previous works along with their experience in handling the breakdowns during the event.
  1. Opt for a firm with specific expertise: Most event companies are better in certain fields than another, and not all of them are experts in all areas. You may require a firm with speciality in that particular event you want to conduct. Hiring the wrong people may spell disaster. For example, if you are planning to have a luxurious destination wedding, it would be best to hire an event company which has had previous experience in conducting similar weddings.
  1. Select a qualified firm: When choosing an event company, go for one with staffers who have necessary qualifications and are trained in event management. When personally meeting with the firm, have a look at their testimonials and see whether the team members appear to have in depth knowledge and experience of their tasks.
  1. Get insurance cover: A reputed event company will be ready to offer insurance coverage for any accidents, such as fire during a concert, that may occur in course of the event. Select a firm that is prepared to provide adequate insurance and see that they cover all possible aspects of the event to prevent problems in the future.
  1. Compare the track records of the firms: Before selecting a firm, get the feedback from customers for whom they have arranged events in the past and understand their experiences of working with them. Ask them whether they faced any issues while working with the firm. Try to figure out how the team members coordinate and respond to their clients and guests. See whether they are cooperative and considerate of all the requirements of the customers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
  1. Inspect their equipment: It is necessary to know whether the event companies in Dubai have got their own equipment or whether they rent in case of a requirement. It would be wise to always opt for a firm that supplies its own equipment. Those with their own equipment would not pass on the cost of hiring on your bill, helping you manage the event within your budget. If the firm is using its equipment, inspect them to ascertain whether they are of good quality and well-maintained.

These tips will help you to select an experienced event company in Dubai that can provide professional event management services at the best possible prices. AKS Nights, one of the most sought-after event companies in Dubai and other neighboring countries in the region. The event company you choose should be known for its commitment to providing excellent customer service. Such companies organize the events entirely based on the specific inputs given by the clients. Their staff is well-behaved and cooperative and always willing to go to any lengths to provide customer satisfaction. The firm should also provide the best security arrangements during the events and ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and without any hiccups. They select their sites carefully and obtain permits that are necessary. The staff of AKS Nights oversee all the aspects – from the initial planning stage to the actual execution of the event which they are responsible for.

The event companies should also do their best to ensure that the clients stay within their budgets and costs do not exceed the limits. They also arrange transportation and convenient parking spaces around the event venue. They must ensure the health and quality aspects of the refreshments served or are available during the events. AKS Nights are committed to ensure the safety of the participants as well as the visitors at the venue and see that no unexpected incidents occur during the event. The equipment used are all of the highest quality possible to ensure that everything is conducted smoothly. The company also arranges for power backup in the form of generators to ensure that there are no interruptions in the proceedings. All these factors have made AKS Nights the most-preferred firm among other event companies in Dubai.

The AKS Nights team consists of experts in organizing successful events in Dubai. For many years, they have been conducting various events at reputed clubs and venues. The firm has nearly a decade of experience in organizing events at popular venues such as Armani/Prive Club at Burj Khalifa, Cielo Sky Lounge, Chinawhite, Grand Hyatt, to name a few. AKS Nights also hosts regular night events that are accompanied by live band performances.

Exploring the Dubai Nightlife

The vibrant spirit of Dubai has always managed to captivate visitors and residents alike. Be it the sound of the desert breeze or the serene ocean waves or the rhythm of the city and lit up palm trees, Dubai’s got it all. This young city has made its mark in the world as a popular tourist destination for several reasons. It is not only the architectural magnificence, rich culture and food and amazing bargains for shopaholics that attract visitors to the city, but also the happening Dubai nightlife

The vibrancy of Dubai nightlife is not only limited to the bars and bistros, but many more entertaining activities. Dubai is a sheath to tons of activities all day round. It’s no less than a wonderland for every kind of globetrotter. Here’s a list of a few things you could do once the sun sets in.

Popular ways to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai

Do you intend to know more about the prevalent Dubai nightlife? If yes, read on. AKS Nights has come up with a list that will spoil you for choices: 

  • Exploring the top attractions 

          Dubai has several breath-taking sights from concrete marvels to endless green and blue ocean waves. Hire an English-speaking guide and head to Dubai’s touristic locations to explore at night. During this time, you are going to dive deeper into the hidden charm and the glorious history associated with this city. Here, you will get to know more about the underlying beauty that Dubai has always wanted to showcase. Some famous tourist spots include Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa and Atlantis the Palm among others that are best places to experince Dubai nightlife. 

  • Dubai Astronomy Group

           Do you love spending time gazing at the sky full of stars? If yes, then you definitely consider joining Dubai Astronomy Group. If you are fascinated by the universe and stars, it’s the best option. Don’t assume it is solely about stargazing. You will also get a chance to witness other prevalent celestial events such as Mars opposition and Mercury Transit. Not to forget, you’ll also meet like-minded people.  This is one of the best ways to enjoy the Dubai nightlife.

  • Bars and Clubs

            Let your feet lose with the beats of lively bars and clubs in Dubai. Not only do these spots go the extra mile to stand out in terms of interior decorations, they also give amazing deals and discounts, especially to ladies. You can indulge your heart out, let the music control your senses and be rest assured that you’re absolutely safe. Overall, the experience is jaw-dropping! Majority of the nightclubs in Dubai remain open till 3am, thus making the Dubai nightlife popular. The entry, however, is limited to people aged 21 and above and in some cases 25 and above. Some of the clubs also have specific dress codes for men and women. You would like to keep these in mind before making reservations and heading out.

  • Night markets

           Warning: Dubai may be the end of shopaholics! The city undoubtedly serves as the best place for these kinds of travelers. Not only the malls and souks, Dubai also boasts of a good number of night markets that come with their own vibrancy and charm. Here, the wanderers can buy anything starting right from the Arabian handicrafts to the luxury cars, while indulging in food off the stalls. The markets are open to the public till 10:00 pm, however, this time period extends during weekends for more people to enjoy the Dubai nightlife. Immerse yourself at the massive shopping malls in Dubai that are easily accessible to people of determination as well as prams and trolleys. Some of these centres are The Mall of Emirates, Deira Gold Souk, Dubai Shopping Mall, and Al Fahidi Street. 

  • Golf 

              Golf is a kind of sport that never has an imperfect time! You can play it anytime you want, and in Dubai, you can be its part even during the night too. Try out the most prolific Faldo Golf Club where you can indulge in the game of Golf under the sky full of stars, and you will enjoy the Dubai nightlife to the fullest. The whole ambience would be serenity filled with greenery all around. The whole landscape would appear highly gorgeous, and your golfing experience is going to be remarkable. Imagine a place having bunkers salt as well as freshwater lakes around! Well, you can get a chance to see the same scenario at the Faldo Golf Club. 

  • Overnight Desert Safari

         Experiencing the rugged charm of the vast deserts as a part of Dubai nightlife. If you have already gone for the regular desert safari, check out the overnight desert safari. Your trip to Dubai would not be complete if you haven’t been to the desert. What one feels standing amidst the calm and vast desert on a breezy night is difficult to put into words. A part of the night safari is exotic Arabian dance, lip-smacking food and more entertaining performances under starry night accompanied by camels, falcons and maybe a few snakes and scorpions.

It’s hard to be patient after reading about several exciting things to do in the city and the Dubai nightlife. Try out the fun and frolic experiences that the city has to offer. It’s truly ‘one of a kind’ experience and you should never miss that out. To have the best time of Dubai nightlife, you can reach out to AKS Nights.

A Guide on Desi Party Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant city, and there are always plenty of exciting things to do here in your leisure hours. There is something for everyone in Dubai, and you get umpteen options with the varieties of clubs and restaurants here. Partying is very prevalent here, and exciting events keep happening here, especially during weekends. Desi party Dubai is a fantastic and novel way to have a great time in Dubai and is meant for celebrating Indian culture and is all about movies, food, music, and festivals. It is an excellent way to connect with other Indians in Dubai. 

The growing demand for Desi party Dubai

 It is one of the most happening events in Dubai and consists of mostly dance parties, get-togethers in restaurants, and sometimes with even spiritual events thrown in as well. These parties are glamorous and fun-filled, packed with entertainment along with loads of food, music, singing, and dancing. The events are so popular that the number of times they are held have gone up from once or twice a month to several times in a single day. Desi party Dubai is getting more creative every day, and each party is entirely different from the other. 

You can also organize a desi party for your friends and family and provide them a chance to celebrate the Indian culture together. Many important points need to be considered to make the events memorable.    

The following tips will guide you if you are thinking of arranging a desi party: 

  • Allocate a budget: First, decide how much you want to spend on the food, drinks, decorations, entertainment, etc. Decide which are the essential items for you and make a list of expenses based on the theme you have decided for your party.
  • Select a proper venue: You need to select a venue that has all the essential facilities required, such as ample parking space, clean bathrooms, adequate lighting, excellent seating, enough space to accommodate your guests, entertainment facilities etc. There are numerous indoor venues in Dubai, such as world-class clubs and restaurants, where the amenities are excellent. Select the venue as per the theme of your party. If it is an outdoor party, select from among the many venues in Dubai suitable for your theme, such as beaches. Also,  check whether permits or licenses are needed or not.
  • Fix a date and time: Consult with your guests, friends, and family and decide on a date that is convenient for everybody. Check whether the day is not a national holiday or an important festival. Most of the parties are usually held on Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays as they are weekends. Coordinate with AKS Nights for their availability too.
  • Send invitation to guests: Deicide the number of people you would like to invite depending on your budget and the size of the venue. Make a guest list and decide how you want to send invitations, whether by hand, phone, or social media. Send invitations two weeks in advance before the party to all the guests.
  • Start shopping after making a list: Make a complete list of all the items you will need, such as food, drinks, decorations, gift items, etc. and refer to this list whenever you go to buy the items.    
  • Arrange for a top-class DJ: The main attraction of your desi party will be the music. It would be advisable to get a talented DJ who is an expert at belting out remixes, the latest Bollywood movie chartbusters, or other desi music. 
  • Entertainment: AKS Nights can invite a popular music band or they can also include a performance by a Bollywood celebrity to make the party more exciting. You can also arrange contests for the guests with gifts at the end for the winners. Plan to set up interesting themes for your party also.
  • Select a good caterer: Your desi party should feature lavish buffets with delicious Indian food options, and other international cuisine options as well. There should also be a variety of options for drinks, including those for teetotalers.

The above points will guide you when you are organizing a Desi party Dubai and will enable you to conduct a party that will be innovative and unique and remains in the memories of your guests for a long time.   

Your Best Shot at a Desi Night Dubai!

Nobody parties like a desi! And no party is as celebratory and inclusive as a desi night in Dubai. From the Punjabi tunes to the Bollywood thumke, from the Hollywood inspired EDMs to the underground Desi Rap, desis have it all! However, one shortcoming of a desi party is its availability. Desi parties are widespread, but, only in India. So, what can one do when they are looking for a Desi night outside India, preferably in Dubai? Do not worry your little party head, we have got you covered! If you live in Dubai or are simply just visiting Dubai and wish to party the desi style, then we introduce to you a new raging phenomenon; the Desi Night Dubai! 

If you were willing to party a few years ago, to really party your style, which is to have a desi night in Dubai, it was nearly impossible. You had to make a billion phone calls to every single one of your desi friends who lived in Dubai and grill them to find a place that encouraged you to party your desi way. Today, however, you can look left and right and find a place that gives you the best desi night Dubai.

Desi Night Dubai

Growth of Desi Nights Dubai since a few years

Dubai is an all-inclusive place which caters to every kind of person from all across the world. Which is why to get your Bollywood in Dubai has granted your wish! Dubai is now seen with many nightclubs that welcome a theme of Desi Night all across the town!

Those days are forever gone when there was only ONE club in the entire city of Dubai that would give you a taste of a fun, joyful desi night in Dubai. Now, you can match your step to your favourite Bollywood tunes in many places in the gorgeous night of nightclubs in Dubai. There once was a time when the desi nights Dubai saw an upgrade from only one place containing desi nights to several nightclubs but only once a month. Now, the desi fans are in for a splendid surprise as you find out that the upgrade is even better! From one night of desi nights in Dubai, the count has gone up to several nights in a row! That’s right, several nights in just one day! The desi fans must be extremely happy with this news.

Organize your own Desi Nights Dubai 

Apart from clubbing, you can also go gaga with organizing desi nights Dubai at your best selected venue and none other than AKS Nights can be more helpful! They are a bunch of innovative heads who come up with creative ideas to rock your night. 

This means all you desi night lovers in Dubai, can arrange and organize your desi nights whenever you wish and how many ever times you wish to! You can now enjoy a desi night in Dubai, whenever you want or even need! Regardless of the month, week, day or even the time and that wouldn’t be possible if desi night organizers and promoters wouldn’t exist. This event organizing company understands clearly about not only your requirement but also your style and choices. It executes the desi nights Dubai which speaks about your own taste!

There is no doubt that the desi night lovers now have the choice to choose from small cosy clubs to large – spaced elite clubs. If that is not your style, then you can choose to organize your own event that have a unique style for all, at specially selected venues such as a fancy beach location! The best part about desi nights Dubai, today, is that no matter what theme you want, AKS Nights are very willing to incorporate a desi night with extremely groovy Bollywood tunes to dance your night away to. From Turkish themed hospitality to Hollywood theme, your favourite desi songs will be taken over almost every desi night you arrange in your city called, Dubai!

Selecting Desi Nights Clubs may not be Workable!

Sometimes, you may face a different kind of problem, now that desi night in Dubai is available. What happens is that desi nights have popped up in every nightclub in Dubai, then, how do you make your mind up? Which nightclub do you want to go to? Was the first one you went to good enough or do you want to try a new one? Are all nightclubs the same or do they actually have something different to offer to their audience? Will the new one be worth it or not? Do you go to the cheaper one or the fancier one? Another question on everyone’s top of the head is, is there a place with good, decent service but also a cheaper ticket price? 

Well, this is where the next step of desi in Dubai comes to your rescue; the Desi promoters and organizers. They take every single query you have into consideration. From which DJ will be playing at the venue to what kind of location you are most comfortable in, these promoters have everything for you. Every single reserve, query or doubt you have, will be answered by them. It is fun as you have a bunch of known people coming to the party and the budget can be easily planned if you all dutch!

Why don’t you Promote and Brand your own Desi Nights Dubai

Additionally, if you want to make some money from the desi nights Dubai, then AKS Nights can help you promote their desi night Dubai. From marketing, branding, online and offline, they make sure that every tourist and resident in Dubai is aware about where the desi party is happening. You can also look at all the posters, pamphlets and advertisements to decide which nightclub, theme or location suits you best. This way you will not undergo any FOMO (fear of missing out) when you finally decide on a nightclub. You will also feel comfortable because you have taken into consideration every option that is available on the desi nights available throughout the city of Dubai and have organized one on your own with partnership. Once it is your choice, you will no longer have wandering thoughts in your mind and will actually enjoy the desi party.

If you have any second thoughts about desi nights Dubai, remember that is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the entire world! Celebrities from all across the world are always visiting this beautiful city. This means that you never know when you will run into one of your favourite celebrities in a desi night club in Dubai! From rappers like Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshaah to Bollywood actors like Shilpa Shetty and Sushmita Sen are always frequenting Dubai and its nightclubs! If you can afford, you can also invite them to your own desi night Dubai. 

We all know that Dubai is very sovereign and joyously welcomes everybody! It is a beautiful city that loves to cater to different kinds of people from all across the world. We are all aware that the desis have always been fretting over a good desi venue, and Dubai has finally listened to your wish. Your Bollywood themed night in no other place but Dubai has finally been granted by event management companies in Dubai! Dubai now welcomes everybody to organize their desi nights in the popular theme all across the city, the Desi Night!

What this means to all you desi night lovers in Dubai is that you can now go join together whenever you wish and how many ever times you wish to arrange desi nights in Dubai. From once a month to plenty of times in a week! There are no more restrictions. When it is your own desi night then you no longer need to plan your entire schedule around the timings of one particular nightclub. You can now enjoy desi night Dubai, whenever you need, want or wish to. Regardless of the month, week, day or even the time you have all the freedom to go complete desi in Dubai!

Desi New Years Eve In Dubai-Ideas where to celebrate

For years, people have been celebrating Desi New Years Eve in Dubai. It is an ideal place in the world to kickstart the new year, with its remarkable high-rise buildings, fantastic malls, parties, clubs, and beaches. The city undergoes an amazing transformation every year during the new year celebrations, and the entire city is adorned with fantastic lights and decorations. A desi new years eve spent in Dubai is sure to leave memories that will linger in your mind for a lifetime.

Dubai spoils you with choices to celebrate desi New Years eve with your family or friends. The entire world knows the glittering fireworks in Dubai touches the sky when the clock strikes 12 am. The dark sky of Dubai comes alive on New Year’s Eve with the most outstanding display of fireworks you will ever get to witness. But there are even more ways you can bring in the new year. You can choose to have a special new year dinner at one of the top-class restaurants here savoring some of the delicious Indian food varieties, such as kebabs or biryanis, while downing your vodka or champagne. You can also check out the new year desi beach parties with mind-blowing desi music, or take a rich experience at the amazing Desert safari in the middle of Dubai’s beautiful sand dunes. You can get yourself organized with AKS Nights, who can plan out the best 31st December of your lifetime in Dubai. 

Trendy ideas to celebrate desi new years eve in your style

There are many options for you to celebrate desi new years eve. The following list of the top ideas to enjoy your desi new year eve will help you to decide:

  1. Enjoy a unique new year dinner at Crowne Plaza: There could be no better way to spend the new year’s eve with your friends or family than having a delicious Indian dinner at the Crowne Plaza at Sheikh Zayed Road. You can taste the delicious Indian food or other varieties at their multi-cuisine buffet specially prepared by the top chefs in Dubai. The fantastic beats of the Bhangra numbers or other Bollywood hits played by the expert DJs there will make you take a move or two. Do try your luck at the contests held at the party.
  2. Picnic at the beach: If you are a beach lover, this is the best way you could spend the desi new year eve. Bring your close ones to the public beach at Jumeirah for a peaceful time ushering in the new year. The serenity of the beach is pleasing and you also get a chance to avoid the enormous crowds of the celebrating public on the desi new year eve. Be on time and get ready to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life watching the splendid fireworks light the new year night.   
  3. Experience a Desert Safari: Dubai’s Safari is famous worldwide for the thrill and adventure it buds in people. So, why not choose it to be one of the most exciting ways you can spend your desi new year eve. The spectacular views of the sunset or the mesmerizing belly dancers along with the mouth watering buffet can make you have an adventurous cum relaxing new year eve celebration. The event will be made even more special when you watch the spectacular fireworks display here.
  4. Participate in a desi new years party: Another fantastic option of bringing in the new year would be to take part in an exclusive desi new years event at the Country Club located at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Be prepared for a long night that will start at around 9 pm and watch fabulous performances by famous Indian singers, such as Indian Idol toppers or leading Bollywood actors. Soak in the nonstop entertainment provided by the live performances and dance away till the wee hours of the morning to the beats of the amazing Bollywood remixes or Bhangra tunes played by the Dj.
  5. Enjoy the spectacular laser and light show: No desi new year eve celebration can be complete without watching this enthralling laser and light show at the iconic Burj Khalifa. Assemble with your group at the Burj Park before time from where you can view the show and be a part of the huge excited crowds gathered to welcome the new year. The show will leave you spellbound with its fantastic display of colours. The light show is visible for miles because of the towering height of Burj Khalifa and the sheer brilliance of the lights. It will be the most unforgettable moment of your life.

Every year, the celebrations of desi new years eve at Dubai gets bigger and wilder, and it is unimaginable to predict the scale of celebrations in the coming years. Spending a desi new years eve in Dubai would be the smartest thing you could do to kick start your new year. These above smart ideas must have surely given you a clear idea of how and where to celebrate with your family and friends.

If you are looking for an alternative and customized desi new years eve, then you can plan the best ideas with AKS Nights who have organized some of the most mesmerizing and remarkable new year eves in Dubai. 

Your way to enjoy desi ladies night

Dubai is known for hosting one of the most happening parties with several perks of women. The desi ladies nights in Dubai make the men folks jealous as the events pamper and keep your pockets happy too. Dubai is home to some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants, which know how to make you feel special. Thanks to free drinks, food discounts and the vibe that helps them release the entire week’s stress and connect with their tribe. From pub hopping to lip-smacking treats, and enjoying shisha with friends, Dubai is home to safe lounges with tons of options. For Bollywood fans and desi music lovers too, the city has some of the gems when it comes to bands and DJs from India and Pakistan. 

Have a stress-free Desi Ladies Night

The city is home to a large number of South Asian expats who enjoy desi culture and Bollywood music. The DJs in Dubai cater to their desi patrons very well with retro and latest Bollywood hits, dhol beats to bhangra and fusion. 

Here is some reasons why you and your girl gang cannot afford to miss the desi ladies nights in Dubai:

1. Safe crowd: You need not worry about your safety in Dubai clubs as the patrons here are not rowdy or rude or those who would poke their nose in your business. Don’t cut down on 

dressing up and letting that hair down as the desi ladies night is just what you need after a long week at work.

2. The Bollywood retro music: With Indians constituting a major chunk of Dubai’s population, Bollywood is an integral element of several clubs and nights. The craze for desi music is such that even a foreign live band in an Asain pub performs a hindi song on ladies night swooning women of all backgrounds. AKS Nights organizes desi ladies night in popular clubs so you can have a great time out with your gal pals.

3. Grooving music and delicious food: The two primary things which any individual would check before going to any club are the quality of the food and the kind of music it plays. Dubai fulfills both of these demands with utmost grace and passion. The clubs in Dubai, serve delicious cuisine and to give thunder to the party, play some desi music for all the ladies. Food constitutes a very crucial part, and if you are an Indian, then we all know that you wouldn’t compromise on the taste and quality of the food. Dubai is no less in providing a flavor of good authentic food. Now groove over delicious cuisines and happening music just at the desi ladies nights in Dubai.

4. The Ambience: The city has a minimal history, its present and future are so bright that it becomes a go-to-go destination for all the tourists out there. Dubai is rated as one of the happiest places due to its ultra-best ambiance. Dubai is known for its positive culture and ambiance which you will not find elsewhere. Be it clicking pictures or relaxing with friends, ambience plays a crucial role in setting the mood for nightlife. The pretty lights, the amazing décor, and the desi nights, can anyone ask for anything more?

 5. Arab Hospitality: Arabs are known to be the best hosts in the world. They believe that every guest should be treated with the utmost respect and must be offered with tons of privileges. Most of them go out of their comfort zones to provide their guests with a Gala time – be it restaurants or desert safari or night clubs. So, if you are someone who is looking for a stress- free ladies’ desi night, then there cannot be a better destination than Dubai clubs, where Arabs will make sure you don’t miss your homeland even for a second.

AKS Nights also help you in organizing one of the best desi ladies nights in Dubai at different clubs such as Armani Club, Headlines and Eve Penthouse at Hyatt Regency among others.

Desi Club Dubai

For all the ‘dil se desi’ party-lovers, there’s no better place than Dubai. The city is abuzz with hardcore desi clubs and pubs. Dubai’s desi clubs have mushroomed over the last decade with a few options in most parts of the city. Each place has its own speciality be it in terms of decor, music, food, drinks, offers, events and prices. Whether you want to show off your bhangra moves or just enjoy sheesha with live music, Dubai’s got you covered.

The clubs are safe, strict with age restrictions and hygiene and some go as far as setting certain dresscodes for men and women. One can have a comfortable yet rocking time with family or friends. With a bit of luck or perhaps courage you may even find people from your hometown. That ecstatic feeling when you are homesick and you hear someone talking in Bengali or Marathi eh. 

The desi clubs in Dubai also bring together people from various countries grooving to Bollywood hits and enjoying desi culture during festivals such as holi, diwali, friendship day and so on. The venues also invite popular celebrities and musicians from India and Pakistan to perform on special occasions.     

  At some desi clubs, you will also get to experience street food and seasonal drinks such as vada pao and aamras with an Arabic or alcoholic twist. 

Here’s a listicle of some of the popular desi club in Dubai:

  1. Armani/Prive: Located at Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, the club encompasses the best of the famous Armani brand and is designed by the iconic Giorgio Armani. You can dance till you drop at this desi club with events going on till 2 am every day of the week. With the latest Bollywood music, groovy DJs, international cuisine and cocktails options and four ladies nights’ per week, get ready to go clubbing ‘angrezi style’, but let that desi soul out on the dance floor. The club requires its patrons to dress in smart fashionable attire. 
  2. Baar Baar: As the name suggests, the place is frequented by desi party lovers. Be it a date or a night out with office colleagues or friends, the venue will transport you to Hauz Khaz, Delhi. Offering a wide variety of India street food, the club has entertaining bartenders, photographers and staffers who make you feel at home. Your time at the club will surely will you memories, perhaps even friends you meet at the pool table, to cherish.
  3. BASE Dubai: A winner of several accolades, this open-air club is enough to make you stop dreaming about partying in Phuket.  The thrilling ambience and music provides visitors an immersive experience. The place has hosted some top-class performances from international artists such as Akon, Jeniffer Lopez, or David Guetta. The powerful sound combined with light and pyrotechnic systems ensure a quality night.
  4. Headlines Cafe: Here, you could be casually enjoying your drink, but the music is so tempting that the desi soul in you may decide to just get up and dance  and before you know it, your fellow neighbours join you as well. The entire space might turn into a dance floor till the lights are switched on at 3am and the staff members have to politely ask you to wrap up. The events at Headlines with Indian and Pakistani bands promise you one-of-a-kind night with your tribe.
  5. Club Boudoir: If you are a music lover, you will love this venue, especially on Saturday nights, that is dedicated exclusively to Indian music with the resident DJ Andy. You will love his music selection, which is great for dancing. Drinks served are also excellent, and the staff is polite and ready to attend to all your needs. Located at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai, it is where you will find many of the city’s elite crowd. Celebrities, such as Leonardo DI Caprio or Naomi Campbell have been spotted here regularly. The atmosphere of the venue is lovely, with splendid lighting and other decorations. The seating arrangements are also very luxurious and comfortable. 
  6. INKA: Feel the groove as the resident Dj’s at this Peruvian-theme venue mix you into a frenzy. Featured nights include  Tuesdays ‘Salsa Night’, Wednesdays ‘BLUSH’ (the exclusive ladies night),   Fridays  ‘Marshall’, Saturday ‘Funky Flow’, and finally, prohibited Sunday ‘Music by MO EE’.

The list could get endless, there are some more cool desi clubs that you can pop into and surprise yourself. Get your desi gang, plan your weekends or gather your ladies for special discounts and offers while you let the music, spicy food and cocktails and vibrant decors treat you.


Dubai is a fast-paced international city with an ever-growing economy. Many companies are setting up their headquarters or main facilities here to get maximum benefits from its infrastructural development. Such companies usually organize corporate events in Dubai, along with road shows, conferences and seminars to find solutions and for networking. To make the right choice, you can plan and organize corporate events in Dubai with companies that know the market well. Dubai has come a far way from being a small trading port to a full-fledged business city.

Organizing a corporate event anywhere in the world requires a lot of planning and gathering of data. Based on the number of guests and days, you can plan out a corporate event at some of the world-class locations here.

Smart tips for arranging corporate events in Dubai 

Ace Venture follows these simple steps to organize corporate events in Dubai. To start the preparation, you can refer to previous years’ feedback forms of the corporate events hosted by your company. This will help you understand what was most liked and the areas that require improvements. These inputs from the company will help you in communicating with the organizing company easy.

  • Allocate your budget: Dubai is a city that is all about luxury and world-class facilities. So, you need to analyse precisely how much the company will be able to spend on the event. Make categories and estimate how much to pay on each category like venue, catering, entertainment, facilities, and also include expenditure on small items like stationery, water bottles, etc. Be sure to make an estimate of everything right from the décor to stage arrangements and any extra requirements. While planning corporate events in Dubai, don’t forget to have an allocation in your budget to cover unexpected costs, which may arise at any point of time. You need to discuss the finances openly with Ace Ventures so that they can suggest the best venues that meet your budget so that you are not financially constrained to give the best to your guests. 
  • Make a plan: Event organizers are a master-mind when it comes to planning your event as they keep in mind the kind of audience they are catering to. They provide a blueprint of everything that is required for your event from invitations, banners, the arrangement of caterers, to appointing a host. It keeps you in the loop about all the arrangements being made. The final decision is always what the client wants.
  • Brand your event: Branding is what Ace Venture Events are known for. They give a creative and attention-grabbing name to your event, to brand it! Once the name is decided, the corporate division of Ace Venture events work on creating a short, catchy tagline, which will instill curiosity in the people. To add a fun branding factor, you can use the company logo or come up with a new logo in case you plan to have the event in the series. This logo will become the identity of the event and, all this can be taken care of by the event managers. Such branding tactics have always helped in advertising and marketing the companies better. 
  • Teaming with Ace Venture events – Get a team of people together to help the event organizer in organizing your corporate events in Dubai. Assign an event manager who will guide the team and make sure the work is being done on time. They believe in teamwork and make subcommittees and assign heads to them for making the job easier. These subcommittees are your point of contact as they are closely involved with the venue management, logistics, entertainment, stage, and other vital areas. They always have a presenter to do all the talking with the client. Make sure that there is no breakdown from your side while teaming up with Ace Venture.
  • Set a venue and date: When planning corporate events in Dubai, set a predetermined date and venu so that you can get a venue of your choice. Take some time for planning with the event organizers and set a date which gives you a few months for preparation. They always have a note of statutory and religious holidays in Dubai when deciding the date so that it gets easier to plan the event as the budget may shoot up during holidays. From your end, you must check with the essential people attending the event for their suitable dates as you don’t want to conduct an event when the guests are unavailable. When deciding the venue, you must consider all the factors such as the capacity, location, and facilities offered by a hotel or resort and if it suits you. They ensure to check if the hotels are ready to change their packages to suit your needs or not.
  • Arrangements for the event: The top event managers have all the arrangement for the things you will need, including handouts, pens, any other stationary or furniture, and audiovisuals. However, it is important that you must keep your event organizer informed about your requirements. You can also request them to create an itinerary to help you guide through your plan. This will include a timeline that will help you keep track of the time. 
  • Entertainment factor: The Ace Venture Events understand the importance of entertainment during corporate events in Dubai, like live music or DJ or just some soft music playing or any cultural show. While planning an event in Dubai, if a corporate company wants, they can also organize Dubai special Belly dancing or Arabic dance. They always have a contingency plan ready in case of any emergencies.
  • Sponsorship for your event: Organizing corporate events in Dubai can be very expensive as Dubai is all about luxury. The event organizing company can help you find corporate sponsors who will partner with you. This will help reduce your financial constraints without compromising on the quality and fun involved in organizing corporate events in Dubai. 
  • Recheck and re-confirm before the event: While planning an event in Dubai reconfirmation, is a hassle. Ace Venture Events always recheck or re-confirm with the speaker, the suppliers, the clients, the sponsors, venue, and the entertainment. They also check all the arrangements at the site 1 or 2 hours before. This will help avoid any mishaps happening due to miscommunication or last-minute cancellations. 

The event organizing committee makes sure you have all the numbers and details of the event required at all times. At the end of the event, they evaluate their success through feedback forms. These feedback forms can help the Ace Venture Events to grow big. 

The top-rated hotels, where you can organize your corporate events in Dubai are: 

  1.  JW Marriott Marquis
  2.  Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa
  3. Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Apart from organizing an event, you can also conduct a conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is a skyscraper which has 21 halls and 40 meeting rooms. It is the largest venue and exhibition centre of UAE. To make the world-class arrangements, you need an event organizing company which is well-versed to take care of everything involved in your conference or event. These companies have high-end contacts which can help you conduct your events here without any hassle!

With their years of experience in arranging corporate events in Dubai, you cannot go wrong with choosing the best organizer for corporate events in Dubai i.e. Ace Venture Events. They make your event utterly hassle-free without compromising on your style statement for the event. 

Bollywood Party In Dubai

The Bollywood parties have been growing insanely popular and are being organized all over the world, including Dubai. Dubai is a prominent destination known for its parties all year long. Bollywood’s desi thumkas and the Punjabi Bhangra keep people on the dance floor till early in the morning on the weekends. Those who have been to Bollywood Parties know that these songs can be a great stress-buster. The bollywood songs have gained many fans on the foriegn land too!

AKS Nights is your go-to friend if you want a customized yet rocking Bollywood party Dubai. It organizes parties in some of the elite clubs such as Armani Prive, Boudoir vivaciously. 

Planning a party and also, making it eligible for standing out with a good number of right reasons, is a rather complex task! If you know the concept and swag to party hard, nothing can stop you from being the best party organizer. So, choose time to gain some serious fun accompanied by a pinch of uniqueness. 

Bollywood Party in Dubai

Tips for throwing a Bollywood Party in Dubai:

Bollywood has always been known as a trendsetter, and also, it has never failed to impress any of its lovers. With all its actors highly idolized and billions of tickets sold globally, people have started expecting their parties to have a spice of Bollywood. Bollywood Parties are known to offer fun, excitement, an array of endless laughs and groovy bollywood steps. Here are some of the most amazing and way too important tips for throwing the best Bollywood bash in Dubai. 

Let your party plan come up and create an exquisite Bollywood magic in Dubai. Just keep a single thing in mind, ‘whatever you do, do it with your heart.’ Your invitees are going to love the whole aura! All you need to do is take out the creative soul in you. 

Have a look at the tips for organizing a highly memorable Bollywood party Dubai: 

A distinct invitation: The first thing that you are going to do while planning a Bollywood Party is creating an inviting list for your loved ones! Make sure that this invitation of yours is not at all going to be a common one. Do ask to ask your friends to wear the dresses of their favorite Bollywood characters to have a classy bollywood themed party. 

Apart from that, the whole invitation card should be in a desi style! Pick up a heavy card stock and some colored papers with bollywood stickers to create a funky invitation card. 

Delectable cuisine: How can a desi Bollywood Party Dubai fulfill without the prevalence of the scrumptious cuisines? Food can either make or even break up a whole party. Thus, there exists a need for you to ensure that the food present in the party maintains your reputation. Well, the Arabic and European cuisines have always been the most amazing element of a Bollywood party. Also, we could never even forget about the various options which are there to choose from. Start planning your whole menu in advance and take suggestions from your close friends for best menu selection so that you can cater to the crowd well. 

The Heart-Stealing Décor: India has always been considered as the most colorful country that is always filled up with the utmost vibrancy for its ambience. How can you even forget to give a vibrant décor to the Bollywood party’s venue? For this, you can get the pretty cushions, create a very beautiful table centerpiece, burn some incense at your place, and many other amazing tactics! 

The aforementioned tips are just the perfect techniques for throwing the best Bollywood Party  Dubai. All these skills have been developed by AKS Nights with their experience in arranging parties in Dubai at some elite clube here. In a destination like Dubai, organizing a party is not at all an easy task, thus you would always need to have some assistance by your side. Such event organizing companies are going to give you the best advice as well as complete support to handle any hassle. 

It shall facilitate you with the most amazing help when it comes to setting up the venue and making the whole party as unique as it can be. The whole team of the event management company of your choice is going to help you right from the selection of your party’s place until its conclusion. Everything will be managed by them and that too in the most cost-effective manner. Their skill-set is prolific, and so, you are never going to get fully satisfied with the way they perform their work.

Bollywood nights in Dubai

Dubai is popular for its very vibrant and happening nightlife. Can there be anything better than a funky night to end your hectic week in Dubai? There are some great Bollywood nights in Dubai with the most happening DJs from around the world. The music here ranges from Bollywood-techno fusion to retro to bhangra and more. Some clubs offer great Thursday nights while some Sunday nights to suit your schedule. 

Whether it is fast fashion or chic clothing or bringing back the retro style, Dubai’s nightlife welcomes all types of fashion. The favoured events draw huge crowds, so go early to avoid long queues and typically, you get an entry for free if you get in before midnight. If you’re going with a big group, we recommend you reserve a table well beforehand so that you don’t have to cancel your program due to long waiting queues.

 Bollywood nights in Dubai

You can also choose amazing clubs for Bollywood Nights Dubai

The clubs are open for the guests from 8pm and the warms up by 11.30 pm, and clubs are open till 3 am. The weekend during this part of the planet takes a kickstart from Thursday evening and goes on till Sunday night. There are many happening club nights in Dubai which can give you a good end to the weekdays and a new beginning to the week. So, plan your weekend to spend at the most lively places in Dubai to bid away the weekday blues.  

If you are in Dubai or you plan to visit Dubai anytime soon, then here is a curated list of some of the best Indian clubs to have a taste of Bollywood nights in Dubai:

 1. Armani Prive nightclub: This place is one of the best places to experience the nightlife in Dubai, being located in Burj Khalifa. The club is luxurious and is stylishly set that embodies the true essence of the brand Armani. The DJs of Armani sets sleepless energy which revolutionizes the nights in Dubai where party nights turning into mornings.

2. Eve Penthouse & Lounge: Eve Penthouse is an inimitable rooftop which has launched ladies night every Tuesday in collaboration with AKS Nights. Eve Penthouse hosts theme parties such as neo-soul, hip-hop, Indian, trance, etc. The site provides an incredible view as it is situated at the top of Hyatt Regency. The rooftop offers a beautiful backdrop of the Dubai skyline and the ladies can enjoy complimentary cocktails such as cosmopolitan or appletini. 

 3. Club Boudoir: For all Bollywood lovers, Boudoir is one of the hottest places in the town. Club Boudoir holds some of the most beautiful parties every Saturday. This is one of the famous Indian clubs which features a perfect blend of both Bollywood music. The Club Boudoir is very spacious and provides adequate seating. The place is one of the liveliest and happening places in town. If you want to enjoy this club, then visit on Thursday as it is scheduled to host happening events. The location of the site is excellent as it is Jumeirah and this makes it accessible for people living in both Old and New Dubai. Going to Boudoir does not get old, it only gets better.   

 ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’ with the best Bollywood music in town.