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Bollywood Clubs Dubai

The nightlife in Dubai is pretty rich, sophisticated as well as glamorous. It consists of both casual lounges and nightclubs. Some of the most popular spots for the night in Dubai are the Bollywood clubs which are suitable for all kinds of people. There are numerous Bollywood clubs in Dubai that are spread out in different parts of the city. This makes them easily accessible and widely popular. 

These Bollywood clubs in Dubai hold regular parties and events, which feature a performance by some of the most popular DJs and live bands from around the world. Since these clubs focus primarily on Bollywood and related entertainment programs, you are sure to experience some loud thumping beats and spectacular dance acts which are a trademark of Bollywood music. 

Besides featuring the regular Indian Bollywood clubs, Dubai also boasts of having a number of South Indian Night Bars which specifically cater to people who love the South Indian culture, movies, as well as music. Most of these clubs can be found inside restaurants. Hence, you can have the best of both worlds, i.e. delicious Indian cuisine as well as foot-tapping Bollywood music. 

Though these clubs cater to a wide variety of audiences, they are inaccessible for people below 21 years of age according to the laws in Dubai. The parties and nightlife can go on till up to 3 am and hence you get plenty of time to enjoy yourself. 

Bollywood Night in Dubai

The rich Indian diaspora in Dubai means that the city had places specifically catering to the Indian community. Indians and their love for some good Bollywood music are very well known. Hence, Dubai regularly plays host to a large number of Bollywood nights which are organized at various places spread across the city.

For organizing any event, you need a reliable event management company to handle the affairs, and what’s better than a company that has had experience in organizing Bollywood and desi nights for a decade!

AKS is Dubai’s leading nightclub brand which is known for its Bollywood theme nights and for bringing the best of the Bollywood entertainment in some of the most popular clubs in Dubai. It was started in the year 2010 and has since been organizing Bollywood theme parties featuring some of the most famous DJs.  

Dubai is a very vibrant city when it comes to fashion. Hence, while visiting these Bollywood clubs, you can find people donning a wide variety of outfits. Some of the most popular clubs in Dubai attract a huge crowd, hence it is best to go early to gain easy access. Also, in case you go before midnight, you can pay less for entry as well as get a table for you and your friends.

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