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Dubai is a fast-paced international city with an ever-growing economy. Many companies are setting up their headquarters or main facilities here to get maximum benefits from its infrastructural development. Such companies usually organize corporate events in Dubai, along with road shows, conferences and seminars to find solutions and for networking. To make the right choice, you can plan and organize corporate events in Dubai with companies that know the market well. Dubai has come a far way from being a small trading port to a full-fledged business city.

Organizing a corporate event anywhere in the world requires a lot of planning and gathering of data. Based on the number of guests and days, you can plan out a corporate event at some of the world-class locations here.

Smart tips for arranging corporate events in Dubai 

Ace Venture follows these simple steps to organize corporate events in Dubai. To start the preparation, you can refer to previous years’ feedback forms of the corporate events hosted by your company. This will help you understand what was most liked and the areas that require improvements. These inputs from the company will help you in communicating with the organizing company easy.

  • Allocate your budget: Dubai is a city that is all about luxury and world-class facilities. So, you need to analyse precisely how much the company will be able to spend on the event. Make categories and estimate how much to pay on each category like venue, catering, entertainment, facilities, and also include expenditure on small items like stationery, water bottles, etc. Be sure to make an estimate of everything right from the décor to stage arrangements and any extra requirements. While planning corporate events in Dubai, don’t forget to have an allocation in your budget to cover unexpected costs, which may arise at any point of time. You need to discuss the finances openly with Ace Ventures so that they can suggest the best venues that meet your budget so that you are not financially constrained to give the best to your guests. 
  • Make a plan: Event organizers are a master-mind when it comes to planning your event as they keep in mind the kind of audience they are catering to. They provide a blueprint of everything that is required for your event from invitations, banners, the arrangement of caterers, to appointing a host. It keeps you in the loop about all the arrangements being made. The final decision is always what the client wants.
  • Brand your event: Branding is what Ace Venture Events are known for. They give a creative and attention-grabbing name to your event, to brand it! Once the name is decided, the corporate division of Ace Venture events work on creating a short, catchy tagline, which will instill curiosity in the people. To add a fun branding factor, you can use the company logo or come up with a new logo in case you plan to have the event in the series. This logo will become the identity of the event and, all this can be taken care of by the event managers. Such branding tactics have always helped in advertising and marketing the companies better. 
  • Teaming with Ace Venture events – Get a team of people together to help the event organizer in organizing your corporate events in Dubai. Assign an event manager who will guide the team and make sure the work is being done on time. They believe in teamwork and make subcommittees and assign heads to them for making the job easier. These subcommittees are your point of contact as they are closely involved with the venue management, logistics, entertainment, stage, and other vital areas. They always have a presenter to do all the talking with the client. Make sure that there is no breakdown from your side while teaming up with Ace Venture.
  • Set a venue and date: When planning corporate events in Dubai, set a predetermined date and venu so that you can get a venue of your choice. Take some time for planning with the event organizers and set a date which gives you a few months for preparation. They always have a note of statutory and religious holidays in Dubai when deciding the date so that it gets easier to plan the event as the budget may shoot up during holidays. From your end, you must check with the essential people attending the event for their suitable dates as you don’t want to conduct an event when the guests are unavailable. When deciding the venue, you must consider all the factors such as the capacity, location, and facilities offered by a hotel or resort and if it suits you. They ensure to check if the hotels are ready to change their packages to suit your needs or not.
  • Arrangements for the event: The top event managers have all the arrangement for the things you will need, including handouts, pens, any other stationary or furniture, and audiovisuals. However, it is important that you must keep your event organizer informed about your requirements. You can also request them to create an itinerary to help you guide through your plan. This will include a timeline that will help you keep track of the time. 
  • Entertainment factor: The Ace Venture Events understand the importance of entertainment during corporate events in Dubai, like live music or DJ or just some soft music playing or any cultural show. While planning an event in Dubai, if a corporate company wants, they can also organize Dubai special Belly dancing or Arabic dance. They always have a contingency plan ready in case of any emergencies.
  • Sponsorship for your event: Organizing corporate events in Dubai can be very expensive as Dubai is all about luxury. The event organizing company can help you find corporate sponsors who will partner with you. This will help reduce your financial constraints without compromising on the quality and fun involved in organizing corporate events in Dubai. 
  • Recheck and re-confirm before the event: While planning an event in Dubai reconfirmation, is a hassle. Ace Venture Events always recheck or re-confirm with the speaker, the suppliers, the clients, the sponsors, venue, and the entertainment. They also check all the arrangements at the site 1 or 2 hours before. This will help avoid any mishaps happening due to miscommunication or last-minute cancellations. 

The event organizing committee makes sure you have all the numbers and details of the event required at all times. At the end of the event, they evaluate their success through feedback forms. These feedback forms can help the Ace Venture Events to grow big. 

The top-rated hotels, where you can organize your corporate events in Dubai are: 

  1.  JW Marriott Marquis
  2.  Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa
  3. Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Apart from organizing an event, you can also conduct a conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is a skyscraper which has 21 halls and 40 meeting rooms. It is the largest venue and exhibition centre of UAE. To make the world-class arrangements, you need an event organizing company which is well-versed to take care of everything involved in your conference or event. These companies have high-end contacts which can help you conduct your events here without any hassle!

With their years of experience in arranging corporate events in Dubai, you cannot go wrong with choosing the best organizer for corporate events in Dubai i.e. Ace Venture Events. They make your event utterly hassle-free without compromising on your style statement for the event. 

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