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Desi Club Dubai

For all the ‘dil se desi’ party-lovers, there’s no better place than Dubai. The city is abuzz with hardcore desi clubs and pubs. Dubai’s desi clubs have mushroomed over the last decade with a few options in most parts of the city. Each place has its own speciality be it in terms of decor, music, food, drinks, offers, events and prices. Whether you want to show off your bhangra moves or just enjoy sheesha with live music, Dubai’s got you covered.

The clubs are safe, strict with age restrictions and hygiene and some go as far as setting certain dresscodes for men and women. One can have a comfortable yet rocking time with family or friends. With a bit of luck or perhaps courage you may even find people from your hometown. That ecstatic feeling when you are homesick and you hear someone talking in Bengali or Marathi eh. 

The desi clubs in Dubai also bring together people from various countries grooving to Bollywood hits and enjoying desi culture during festivals such as holi, diwali, friendship day and so on. The venues also invite popular celebrities and musicians from India and Pakistan to perform on special occasions.     

  At some desi clubs, you will also get to experience street food and seasonal drinks such as vada pao and aamras with an Arabic or alcoholic twist. 

Here’s a listicle of some of the popular desi club in Dubai:

  1. Armani/Prive: Located at Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, the club encompasses the best of the famous Armani brand and is designed by the iconic Giorgio Armani. You can dance till you drop at this desi club with events going on till 2 am every day of the week. With the latest Bollywood music, groovy DJs, international cuisine and cocktails options and four ladies nights’ per week, get ready to go clubbing ‘angrezi style’, but let that desi soul out on the dance floor. The club requires its patrons to dress in smart fashionable attire. 
  2. Baar Baar: As the name suggests, the place is frequented by desi party lovers. Be it a date or a night out with office colleagues or friends, the venue will transport you to Hauz Khaz, Delhi. Offering a wide variety of India street food, the club has entertaining bartenders, photographers and staffers who make you feel at home. Your time at the club will surely will you memories, perhaps even friends you meet at the pool table, to cherish.
  3. BASE Dubai: A winner of several accolades, this open-air club is enough to make you stop dreaming about partying in Phuket.  The thrilling ambience and music provides visitors an immersive experience. The place has hosted some top-class performances from international artists such as Akon, Jeniffer Lopez, or David Guetta. The powerful sound combined with light and pyrotechnic systems ensure a quality night.
  4. Headlines Cafe: Here, you could be casually enjoying your drink, but the music is so tempting that the desi soul in you may decide to just get up and dance  and before you know it, your fellow neighbours join you as well. The entire space might turn into a dance floor till the lights are switched on at 3am and the staff members have to politely ask you to wrap up. The events at Headlines with Indian and Pakistani bands promise you one-of-a-kind night with your tribe.
  5. Club Boudoir: If you are a music lover, you will love this venue, especially on Saturday nights, that is dedicated exclusively to Indian music with the resident DJ Andy. You will love his music selection, which is great for dancing. Drinks served are also excellent, and the staff is polite and ready to attend to all your needs. Located at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai, it is where you will find many of the city’s elite crowd. Celebrities, such as Leonardo DI Caprio or Naomi Campbell have been spotted here regularly. The atmosphere of the venue is lovely, with splendid lighting and other decorations. The seating arrangements are also very luxurious and comfortable. 
  6. INKA: Feel the groove as the resident Dj’s at this Peruvian-theme venue mix you into a frenzy. Featured nights include  Tuesdays ‘Salsa Night’, Wednesdays ‘BLUSH’ (the exclusive ladies night),   Fridays  ‘Marshall’, Saturday ‘Funky Flow’, and finally, prohibited Sunday ‘Music by MO EE’.

The list could get endless, there are some more cool desi clubs that you can pop into and surprise yourself. Get your desi gang, plan your weekends or gather your ladies for special discounts and offers while you let the music, spicy food and cocktails and vibrant decors treat you.

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