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Desi New Years Eve In Dubai-Ideas where to celebrate

For years, people have been celebrating Desi New Years Eve in Dubai. It is an ideal place in the world to kickstart the new year, with its remarkable high-rise buildings, fantastic malls, parties, clubs, and beaches. The city undergoes an amazing transformation every year during the new year celebrations, and the entire city is adorned with fantastic lights and decorations. A desi new years eve spent in Dubai is sure to leave memories that will linger in your mind for a lifetime.

Dubai spoils you with choices to celebrate desi New Years eve with your family or friends. The entire world knows the glittering fireworks in Dubai touches the sky when the clock strikes 12 am. The dark sky of Dubai comes alive on New Year’s Eve with the most outstanding display of fireworks you will ever get to witness. But there are even more ways you can bring in the new year. You can choose to have a special new year dinner at one of the top-class restaurants here savoring some of the delicious Indian food varieties, such as kebabs or biryanis, while downing your vodka or champagne. You can also check out the new year desi beach parties with mind-blowing desi music, or take a rich experience at the amazing Desert safari in the middle of Dubai’s beautiful sand dunes. You can get yourself organized with AKS Nights, who can plan out the best 31st December of your lifetime in Dubai. 

Trendy ideas to celebrate desi new years eve in your style

There are many options for you to celebrate desi new years eve. The following list of the top ideas to enjoy your desi new year eve will help you to decide:

  1. Enjoy a unique new year dinner at Crowne Plaza: There could be no better way to spend the new year’s eve with your friends or family than having a delicious Indian dinner at the Crowne Plaza at Sheikh Zayed Road. You can taste the delicious Indian food or other varieties at their multi-cuisine buffet specially prepared by the top chefs in Dubai. The fantastic beats of the Bhangra numbers or other Bollywood hits played by the expert DJs there will make you take a move or two. Do try your luck at the contests held at the party.
  2. Picnic at the beach: If you are a beach lover, this is the best way you could spend the desi new year eve. Bring your close ones to the public beach at Jumeirah for a peaceful time ushering in the new year. The serenity of the beach is pleasing and you also get a chance to avoid the enormous crowds of the celebrating public on the desi new year eve. Be on time and get ready to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life watching the splendid fireworks light the new year night.   
  3. Experience a Desert Safari: Dubai’s Safari is famous worldwide for the thrill and adventure it buds in people. So, why not choose it to be one of the most exciting ways you can spend your desi new year eve. The spectacular views of the sunset or the mesmerizing belly dancers along with the mouth watering buffet can make you have an adventurous cum relaxing new year eve celebration. The event will be made even more special when you watch the spectacular fireworks display here.
  4. Participate in a desi new years party: Another fantastic option of bringing in the new year would be to take part in an exclusive desi new years event at the Country Club located at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Be prepared for a long night that will start at around 9 pm and watch fabulous performances by famous Indian singers, such as Indian Idol toppers or leading Bollywood actors. Soak in the nonstop entertainment provided by the live performances and dance away till the wee hours of the morning to the beats of the amazing Bollywood remixes or Bhangra tunes played by the Dj.
  5. Enjoy the spectacular laser and light show: No desi new year eve celebration can be complete without watching this enthralling laser and light show at the iconic Burj Khalifa. Assemble with your group at the Burj Park before time from where you can view the show and be a part of the huge excited crowds gathered to welcome the new year. The show will leave you spellbound with its fantastic display of colours. The light show is visible for miles because of the towering height of Burj Khalifa and the sheer brilliance of the lights. It will be the most unforgettable moment of your life.

Every year, the celebrations of desi new years eve at Dubai gets bigger and wilder, and it is unimaginable to predict the scale of celebrations in the coming years. Spending a desi new years eve in Dubai would be the smartest thing you could do to kick start your new year. These above smart ideas must have surely given you a clear idea of how and where to celebrate with your family and friends.

If you are looking for an alternative and customized desi new years eve, then you can plan the best ideas with AKS Nights who have organized some of the most mesmerizing and remarkable new year eves in Dubai. 

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