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Desi Indian Night in Dubai

AKS Nights Dubai

One of the best ways to enjoy an desi night in Dubai is to hop on to the various parties which are organized at numerous locations across the city, or even better, organize one of your own!

When it comes to organizing desi Nights in Dubai, no one really compares to AKS Nights. AKS is the leading Asian club night brand that has been organizing club nights and theme parties at various locations in Dubai for 10 years now.

Besides organizing Indian nights, the brand also organizes events such as Cielo Fridays at the beautiful Cielo sky lounge overlooking the Dubai Creek. Also, you can enjoy the POSH Ladies Night hosted every Tuesday at the Eve Penthouse of the Hyatt Regency. Not only do you get to party in style but can also avail various offers on drinks to make your night a bit more amazing. Besides this, there is The Sufi Brunch organized at the Century Village which offers you a live performance by some of the most popular bands in Dubai, coupled with unlimited food and drinks do provide a perfect dose of entertainment.

You can easily get your tables reserved for any event by contacting their reservation team. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to get a sneak peek into the awesomeness that is on offer.

Desi Night Dubai

Everyone loves to party, isn’t it? No matter how big or small the occasion is, bring on some good music coupled with some great food and drinks and you can have the time of your life.

Dubai has become kind of a heaven for party lovers. The city has slowly evolved into a hotspot for party lovers and consequently attracts a huge desi crowd. This has led to dedicated parties being organized solely for the desi community. Today, finding an desi night in Dubai is pretty easy, thanks to some of the most efficient and popular desi night brands such as AKS Nights. No matter where you look, there will be at least one place serving delicious Asian and other cusines along with some foot-tapping music.

Dubai As The Hub of Parties

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Dubai has a very lively nightlife and clubbing scene. In a way, life actually seems to begin here in the evening, with people coming out to hangout till late night at some of the most popular destinations and parties.

While people do tend to go to and enjoy all kinds of parties, some of the most popular ones are the desi nights which attract a huge crowd. Since a majority of the crowd in Dubai consists of Asian people (majorly India, Pakistan, etc.), these desi nights are a huge hit.

For the past 10 years, AKS Nights has played an important role in making desi nights an integral part of the clubbing culture in Dubai. AKS organizes Dubai’s most exclusive Desi Nights at various popular locations across the city such as the Boudoir, which attract a huge crowd. The brand is the best in class when it comes to location and hospitality. The latest music remixed by the resident DJ coupled with some exclusive gastronomic delights are sure to provide you with the best Desi Night experience ever.