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A Guide on Desi Party Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant city, and there are always plenty of exciting things to do here in your leisure hours. There is something for everyone in Dubai, and you get umpteen options with the varieties of clubs and restaurants here. Partying is very prevalent here, and exciting events keep happening here, especially during weekends. Desi party Dubai is a fantastic and novel way to have a great time in Dubai and is meant for celebrating Indian culture and is all about movies, food, music, and festivals. It is an excellent way to connect with other Indians in Dubai. 

The growing demand for Desi party Dubai

 It is one of the most happening events in Dubai and consists of mostly dance parties, get-togethers in restaurants, and sometimes with even spiritual events thrown in as well. These parties are glamorous and fun-filled, packed with entertainment along with loads of food, music, singing, and dancing. The events are so popular that the number of times they are held have gone up from once or twice a month to several times in a single day. Desi party Dubai is getting more creative every day, and each party is entirely different from the other. 

You can also organize a desi party for your friends and family and provide them a chance to celebrate the Indian culture together. Many important points need to be considered to make the events memorable.    

The following tips will guide you if you are thinking of arranging a desi party: 

  • Allocate a budget: First, decide how much you want to spend on the food, drinks, decorations, entertainment, etc. Decide which are the essential items for you and make a list of expenses based on the theme you have decided for your party.
  • Select a proper venue: You need to select a venue that has all the essential facilities required, such as ample parking space, clean bathrooms, adequate lighting, excellent seating, enough space to accommodate your guests, entertainment facilities etc. There are numerous indoor venues in Dubai, such as world-class clubs and restaurants, where the amenities are excellent. Select the venue as per the theme of your party. If it is an outdoor party, select from among the many venues in Dubai suitable for your theme, such as beaches. Also,  check whether permits or licenses are needed or not.
  • Fix a date and time: Consult with your guests, friends, and family and decide on a date that is convenient for everybody. Check whether the day is not a national holiday or an important festival. Most of the parties are usually held on Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays as they are weekends. Coordinate with AKS Nights for their availability too.
  • Send invitation to guests: Deicide the number of people you would like to invite depending on your budget and the size of the venue. Make a guest list and decide how you want to send invitations, whether by hand, phone, or social media. Send invitations two weeks in advance before the party to all the guests.
  • Start shopping after making a list: Make a complete list of all the items you will need, such as food, drinks, decorations, gift items, etc. and refer to this list whenever you go to buy the items.    
  • Arrange for a top-class DJ: The main attraction of your desi party will be the music. It would be advisable to get a talented DJ who is an expert at belting out remixes, the latest Bollywood movie chartbusters, or other desi music. 
  • Entertainment: AKS Nights can invite a popular music band or they can also include a performance by a Bollywood celebrity to make the party more exciting. You can also arrange contests for the guests with gifts at the end for the winners. Plan to set up interesting themes for your party also.
  • Select a good caterer: Your desi party should feature lavish buffets with delicious Indian food options, and other international cuisine options as well. There should also be a variety of options for drinks, including those for teetotalers.

The above points will guide you when you are organizing a Desi party Dubai and will enable you to conduct a party that will be innovative and unique and remains in the memories of your guests for a long time.   

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