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Exploring the Dubai Nightlife

The vibrant spirit of Dubai has always managed to captivate visitors and residents alike. Be it the sound of the desert breeze or the serene ocean waves or the rhythm of the city and lit up palm trees, Dubai’s got it all. This young city has made its mark in the world as a popular tourist destination for several reasons. It is not only the architectural magnificence, rich culture and food and amazing bargains for shopaholics that attract visitors to the city, but also the happening Dubai nightlife

The vibrancy of Dubai nightlife is not only limited to the bars and bistros, but many more entertaining activities. Dubai is a sheath to tons of activities all day round. It’s no less than a wonderland for every kind of globetrotter. Here’s a list of a few things you could do once the sun sets in.

Popular ways to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai

Do you intend to know more about the prevalent Dubai nightlife? If yes, read on. AKS Nights has come up with a list that will spoil you for choices: 

  • Exploring the top attractions 

          Dubai has several breath-taking sights from concrete marvels to endless green and blue ocean waves. Hire an English-speaking guide and head to Dubai’s touristic locations to explore at night. During this time, you are going to dive deeper into the hidden charm and the glorious history associated with this city. Here, you will get to know more about the underlying beauty that Dubai has always wanted to showcase. Some famous tourist spots include Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa and Atlantis the Palm among others that are best places to experince Dubai nightlife. 

  • Dubai Astronomy Group

           Do you love spending time gazing at the sky full of stars? If yes, then you definitely consider joining Dubai Astronomy Group. If you are fascinated by the universe and stars, it’s the best option. Don’t assume it is solely about stargazing. You will also get a chance to witness other prevalent celestial events such as Mars opposition and Mercury Transit. Not to forget, you’ll also meet like-minded people.  This is one of the best ways to enjoy the Dubai nightlife.

  • Bars and Clubs

            Let your feet lose with the beats of lively bars and clubs in Dubai. Not only do these spots go the extra mile to stand out in terms of interior decorations, they also give amazing deals and discounts, especially to ladies. You can indulge your heart out, let the music control your senses and be rest assured that you’re absolutely safe. Overall, the experience is jaw-dropping! Majority of the nightclubs in Dubai remain open till 3am, thus making the Dubai nightlife popular. The entry, however, is limited to people aged 21 and above and in some cases 25 and above. Some of the clubs also have specific dress codes for men and women. You would like to keep these in mind before making reservations and heading out.

  • Night markets

           Warning: Dubai may be the end of shopaholics! The city undoubtedly serves as the best place for these kinds of travelers. Not only the malls and souks, Dubai also boasts of a good number of night markets that come with their own vibrancy and charm. Here, the wanderers can buy anything starting right from the Arabian handicrafts to the luxury cars, while indulging in food off the stalls. The markets are open to the public till 10:00 pm, however, this time period extends during weekends for more people to enjoy the Dubai nightlife. Immerse yourself at the massive shopping malls in Dubai that are easily accessible to people of determination as well as prams and trolleys. Some of these centres are The Mall of Emirates, Deira Gold Souk, Dubai Shopping Mall, and Al Fahidi Street. 

  • Golf 

              Golf is a kind of sport that never has an imperfect time! You can play it anytime you want, and in Dubai, you can be its part even during the night too. Try out the most prolific Faldo Golf Club where you can indulge in the game of Golf under the sky full of stars, and you will enjoy the Dubai nightlife to the fullest. The whole ambience would be serenity filled with greenery all around. The whole landscape would appear highly gorgeous, and your golfing experience is going to be remarkable. Imagine a place having bunkers salt as well as freshwater lakes around! Well, you can get a chance to see the same scenario at the Faldo Golf Club. 

  • Overnight Desert Safari

         Experiencing the rugged charm of the vast deserts as a part of Dubai nightlife. If you have already gone for the regular desert safari, check out the overnight desert safari. Your trip to Dubai would not be complete if you haven’t been to the desert. What one feels standing amidst the calm and vast desert on a breezy night is difficult to put into words. A part of the night safari is exotic Arabian dance, lip-smacking food and more entertaining performances under starry night accompanied by camels, falcons and maybe a few snakes and scorpions.

It’s hard to be patient after reading about several exciting things to do in the city and the Dubai nightlife. Try out the fun and frolic experiences that the city has to offer. It’s truly ‘one of a kind’ experience and you should never miss that out. To have the best time of Dubai nightlife, you can reach out to AKS Nights.

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