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How to select the best event companies in Dubai

Event management companies are responsible for planning and executing small or large/private or official events such as product launches, business conferences, weddings, concerts and parties. Before an event is launched, they conceptualize the event and are responsible for all the technicalities involved such as venue, guests, entertainment, hostesses, permits, decoration, refreshments, sending out media invitations and press releases, arrange corporate gifts and prizes and other nitty gritties, keeping in mind the clients’ brand, vision, budget and target audience.

It’s common for organizations to hire event companies in Dubai for conducting local or international events as an important strategic marketing tool to promote their brand. The event management team is also responsible for publicity of the client’s brand through media coverage and social media promotions. Several event companies in Dubai cater to the requirements of their clients, which include corporate firms, government organizations, hotels and restaurants, and shopping malls among others. The process of planning and organizing each event varies and depends on the type and size of an event. 

Tips to conduct a hassle free event

There are many points to be considered while selecting an event company for your requirements. A good event company will discuss your specific needs and provide you the best value for money spent. The following tips will ensure that your event will be conducted in a smooth and professional manner without unnecessary hassles:

  1. Decide what you need: Before hiring an event company, you need to be clear about your requirements. Try to visualize the type of event that will be best suited as a platform to promote your brand or your service. If it is a social gathering you are hosting, you must have a clear idea of the concept which you want to create. This will help you shortlist event companies that will best understand your needs. Some research, a few interactions and an overview of their past work will help you further narrow down on the company that can execute the event according to your visualization. 
  1. Choose an experienced firm: Selecting the expert event company is vital as opting for a firm that is not very experienced in arranging events could lead to several unimaginable glitches. Many clients are often misled by attractive advertisements, surprisingly low prices and company websites that make the visitors believe that the firm has pulled off several successful events for big brands. But, in reality, the firm may only have associated briefly with the big brands during some minor event and may not have the capacity to handle a big event. Make sure to ask the company to furnish details from their previous works along with their experience in handling the breakdowns during the event.
  1. Opt for a firm with specific expertise: Most event companies are better in certain fields than another, and not all of them are experts in all areas. You may require a firm with speciality in that particular event you want to conduct. Hiring the wrong people may spell disaster. For example, if you are planning to have a luxurious destination wedding, it would be best to hire an event company which has had previous experience in conducting similar weddings.
  1. Select a qualified firm: When choosing an event company, go for one with staffers who have necessary qualifications and are trained in event management. When personally meeting with the firm, have a look at their testimonials and see whether the team members appear to have in depth knowledge and experience of their tasks.
  1. Get insurance cover: A reputed event company will be ready to offer insurance coverage for any accidents, such as fire during a concert, that may occur in course of the event. Select a firm that is prepared to provide adequate insurance and see that they cover all possible aspects of the event to prevent problems in the future.
  1. Compare the track records of the firms: Before selecting a firm, get the feedback from customers for whom they have arranged events in the past and understand their experiences of working with them. Ask them whether they faced any issues while working with the firm. Try to figure out how the team members coordinate and respond to their clients and guests. See whether they are cooperative and considerate of all the requirements of the customers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
  1. Inspect their equipment: It is necessary to know whether the event companies in Dubai have got their own equipment or whether they rent in case of a requirement. It would be wise to always opt for a firm that supplies its own equipment. Those with their own equipment would not pass on the cost of hiring on your bill, helping you manage the event within your budget. If the firm is using its equipment, inspect them to ascertain whether they are of good quality and well-maintained.

These tips will help you to select an experienced event company in Dubai that can provide professional event management services at the best possible prices. AKS Nights, one of the most sought-after event companies in Dubai and other neighboring countries in the region. The event company you choose should be known for its commitment to providing excellent customer service. Such companies organize the events entirely based on the specific inputs given by the clients. Their staff is well-behaved and cooperative and always willing to go to any lengths to provide customer satisfaction. The firm should also provide the best security arrangements during the events and ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and without any hiccups. They select their sites carefully and obtain permits that are necessary. The staff of AKS Nights oversee all the aspects – from the initial planning stage to the actual execution of the event which they are responsible for.

The event companies should also do their best to ensure that the clients stay within their budgets and costs do not exceed the limits. They also arrange transportation and convenient parking spaces around the event venue. They must ensure the health and quality aspects of the refreshments served or are available during the events. AKS Nights are committed to ensure the safety of the participants as well as the visitors at the venue and see that no unexpected incidents occur during the event. The equipment used are all of the highest quality possible to ensure that everything is conducted smoothly. The company also arranges for power backup in the form of generators to ensure that there are no interruptions in the proceedings. All these factors have made AKS Nights the most-preferred firm among other event companies in Dubai.

The AKS Nights team consists of experts in organizing successful events in Dubai. For many years, they have been conducting various events at reputed clubs and venues. The firm has nearly a decade of experience in organizing events at popular venues such as Armani/Prive Club at Burj Khalifa, Cielo Sky Lounge, Chinawhite, Grand Hyatt, to name a few. AKS Nights also hosts regular night events that are accompanied by live band performances.

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