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Event Management Dubai

The GCC Hospitality industry has been on firm growth in the past few years. The events that are organized in the UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, follow both the regional as well as global trends. The Dubai World Trade Centre alone plays host to hundreds of events annually. Event companies, therefore, become highly important in such a scenario to make these events a success. 

Event Management in Dubai

According to Zawya, Dubai’s event industry amounts to approximately a quarter of a billion Dirhams. Back in 2013, the industry’s worth was estimated to be around AED 165 mn which has since seen a growth of 25% per annum. The booming hospitality sector along with events such as Expo 2020 means that this trend isn’t going to fade soon. 

Such a booming sector naturally provides lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs. As more and more companies are setting up their base in Dubai, the demand for event companies is rising. This is because event companies can manage the trade events efficiently and professionally and help you get the maximum benefits from it. The knowledge and guidance of even professionals can be highly beneficial for companies that are just starting out or are looking to launch their products in the market in an eye-catching way. 

Challenges of Event Management in Dubai

Event management is not as easy as it seems to be. A huge crowd has to be controlled in a limited space besides running the show, something that can be really challenging. Things like capacity management and crowd control require proper training. And it’s not just about the expos or trade fairs. Dubai keeps on sporting mega-events such as IPL, Horse Racing, Formula 1, Fashion shows, which require a high level of planning and efficient people to do the job. 

Even though event management Dubai has been one of the fastest-growing industries, it still imports talent on a large scale from foreign countries. There are hardly any homegrown and recognized event managers. International expertise is important, but local knowledge is also equally important if an event management company has to achieve success at a regional level. 

The demand for recognized degrees in the field of events management has thus increased. These degrees can be a reflection of the level of professionalism of the people running the events industry in general and an events company in particular. And with such high levels of competition in the market, you just can’t compromise. 

AKS Nights Dubai

AKS Nights is one of the companies which have long-standing experience in the field of event management. Not only can it help organize events in a professional manner but also has some of the best event managers to cater to your entertainment needs. 

The company has been organizing events and parties across various locations in Dubai since the year 2010 and can hence be the ideal fit for all your events, be it small-scale or large-scale.

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