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How To Start Event Companies in Dubai?

Dubai has long been known as one of the event capitals of the world. According to the Arabian Business, the events management sector is so huge here that the events and exhibitions taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center are alone expected to contribute USD 3.3 bn to the economy. Event companies lie at the heart of this trade. 

Numerous events and trade shows keep happening in Dubai all year round. Proper management is required to manage such a large number of events and for providing top-notch arrangements. This is where the event companies come into the picture. 

The event management sector is a pretty lucrative one, even after considering the widespread competition. If you fulfill all the legal formalities, setting up of an event company in Dubai should be a piece of cake. 

Starting An Event Company in Dubai

In short, event companies are those that plan and manage an event, corporate or otherwise. These events can be anything, ranging from ceremonies and product launches to workshops and conferences. The first step for setting up your event company in Dubai is applying for an Event Management License. Using this license, you can conduct activities such as event production, hospitality management, event promotion, etc. 

To make things easier for you, here is a list of permissible activities for an event management company in Dubai:

  • Organize gala events, trade shows, award ceremonies, etc. 
  • Selling tickets for a particular event.
  • Making hotel reservations on behalf of the attendees.

Getting an Event Management License in Dubai

Now that you know the benefits of getting an event management license, let’s take a look at how you can obtain one.

  • Fill out the application form for obtaining the license. In this form, you will be required to fill in personal as well as professional details. You also need to specify the type of your business while filling out the form. 
  • After this, you can submit the application form to the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • There are different rules for setting up a company in the Dubai mainland and in Dubai free zone. The second point must be followed in case you are setting up a company in the mainland. In case you are setting up the company in one of the free zones, then the rules depend upon the particular free zone. 
  • Once your application is approved by the DED, your license will be sent to you in a few days’ time. 

AKS Nights

AKS Nights is a licensed brand that has been hosting events and nights at more than 30 clubs and venues across Dubai since the year 2010. No matter what kind of event it is, be it a theme night or just a simple party, this leading Asian club night brand is there to cater to your needs. 

The company is known for organizing events such as Posh Ladies Night every Tuesday at Hyatt Creekside, AKS Thursdays at Burj Khalifa, and AKS Fridays at Conrad. It also organizes beach parties at Meydan Beach, JBR. Currently, with IPL going on in the country, AKS has taken to organizing watch parties at Century Village in Garhoud where you can not only enjoy the match but also vibe to the live band performance. 

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