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Indian New Year’s Eve

AKS Nights in Dubai

AKS Nights is UAE’s leading club night brand which has been hosting events and nights throughout Dubai for over a decade. It has hosted parties and events at more than 30 venues, clubs, and lounges across Dubai and carries the tag of being the longest successfully running desi night.

The company was launched on 16th April 2010 and is known for bringing the best of Bollywood to the vibrant clubs of Dubai. Due to its long-standing experience and wide popularity, AKS Nights can be the perfect option in case you are looking to add the Bollywood Masala to your Indian New Year’s eve.

New Year Parties by AKS Nights

Every new year, AKS organizes not just a party but a whole festival. Their EMBRACE festival is hosted at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and offers different themes every year. Plus you always have the world’s biggest outdoor arena playing the best of Bollywood music.

For example – in the year 2019, it was the Secret Garden theme with four different arenas with the resident DJs. For the year 2020, the theme was Fantasy Land with artists such as Manoj, Beatz, Nitesh, and Gautum ready to set the house on fire. So get ready to welcome 2021 in style at MASKerade 2021. You can take out your funky and glamorous masks and head out to the Century Village on 31st December to party in style.

This year, you get to relish four international cuisines at an outdoor seating area accompanied by sheesha and drinks. Entry is by table bookings only. There are early discounts in case you choose to book your table packages early. Till 20th December, you can avail the table package for 5 pax at AED 2000, at AED 2250 till 25th December, and at AED 2500 from 26th December onwards. So hurry up!

Indian New Year’s Eve

India is a land of numerous states and diverse cultures. Each culture has its own set of traditions and consequently its own way of doing things. But one thing is common across all the regions. Indians love Bollywood, and they like to party hard. Mix these two ingredients together and you get the perfect New Year’s eve celebration.

Indians in Dubai

Indians constitute the largest part of the population in the UAE. It is estimated that Indian migrants make up over 27% of the population of the country. India has generally had peaceful relations with the UAE. A large number of Indian migrants here are involved in professional services and entrepreneurship.

Besides going for work, a large number of Indians also travel to Dubai for leisure and entertainment purposes. New Year is one of those parts of the year where a large number of Indians flock to Dubai to party and to witness the extravagant celebrations. Since Dubai also has a large number of Indian and desi bars as well as clubs, it is always a paradise for Indian tourists.

Indian New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Everyone loves to celebrate New Year’s Eve with great pomp and show. Fireworks are one of the inherent parts of the New Year celebration in Dubai. One can watch these splendid fireworks from almost any part of the city, but they are especially prominent at the Burj Khalifa.

Besides enjoying the fireworks, you can head out to the beach and have a mini private party of your own to welcome the New Year with your near and dear ones. There are enough beaches and enough spots on those beaches to dine and chill in peace. Alternatively, you can also decide to take a stroll on the walkways overlooking the Dubai water canal and enjoy it with your friends.

There are numerous parties organized throughout the city especially for the Indian community. You can either go to that or go to places such as Madinat Jumeirah which hosts the New Year dinner along with dancers, musicians, and other forms of live entertainment.

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