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Dubai is known for hosting one of the most happening parties with several perks of women. The desi ladies nights in Dubai make the men folks jealous as the events pamper and keep your pockets happy too. Dubai is home to some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants, which know how to make you feel special. Thanks to free drinks, food discounts and the vibe that helps them release the entire week’s stress and connect with their tribe. From pub hopping to lip-smacking treats, and enjoying shisha with friends, Dubai is home to safe lounges with tons of options. For Bollywood fans and desi music lovers too, the city has some of the gems when it comes to bands and DJs from India and Pakistan. 

Have a stress-free Desi Ladies Night

The city is home to a large number of South Asian expats who enjoy desi culture and Bollywood music. The DJs in Dubai cater to their desi patrons very well with retro and latest Bollywood hits, dhol beats to bhangra and fusion. 

Here is some reasons why you and your girl gang cannot afford to miss the desi ladies nights in Dubai:

1. Safe crowd: You need not worry about your safety in Dubai clubs as the patrons here are not rowdy or rude or those who would poke their nose in your business. Don’t cut down on 

dressing up and letting that hair down as the desi ladies night is just what you need after a long week at work.

2. The Bollywood retro music: With Indians constituting a major chunk of Dubai’s population, Bollywood is an integral element of several clubs and nights. The craze for desi music is such that even a foreign live band in an Asain pub performs a hindi song on ladies night swooning women of all backgrounds. AKS Nights organizes desi ladies night in popular clubs so you can have a great time out with your gal pals.

3. Grooving music and delicious food: The two primary things which any individual would check before going to any club are the quality of the food and the kind of music it plays. Dubai fulfills both of these demands with utmost grace and passion. The clubs in Dubai, serve delicious cuisine and to give thunder to the party, play some desi music for all the ladies. Food constitutes a very crucial part, and if you are an Indian, then we all know that you wouldn’t compromise on the taste and quality of the food. Dubai is no less in providing a flavor of good authentic food. Now groove over delicious cuisines and happening music just at the desi ladies nights in Dubai.

4. The Ambience: The city has a minimal history, its present and future are so bright that it becomes a go-to-go destination for all the tourists out there. Dubai is rated as one of the happiest places due to its ultra-best ambiance. Dubai is known for its positive culture and ambiance which you will not find elsewhere. Be it clicking pictures or relaxing with friends, ambience plays a crucial role in setting the mood for nightlife. The pretty lights, the amazing décor, and the desi nights, can anyone ask for anything more?

 5. Arab Hospitality: Arabs are known to be the best hosts in the world. They believe that every guest should be treated with the utmost respect and must be offered with tons of privileges. Most of them go out of their comfort zones to provide their guests with a Gala time – be it restaurants or desert safari or night clubs. So, if you are someone who is looking for a stress- free ladies’ desi night, then there cannot be a better destination than Dubai clubs, where Arabs will make sure you don’t miss your homeland even for a second.

AKS Nights also help you in organizing one of the best desi ladies nights in Dubai at different clubs such as Armani Club, Headlines and Eve Penthouse at Hyatt Regency among others.

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